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Make-Up Air Units


Make-Up Air Units are used to replenish fresh air into work areas that are having air exhausted from them in order to provide proper pressurization. They are an integral part of a proper finishing system and improve the quality of one’s finish as well as provide a comfortable work environment for the painter and paint staff. At Elite Air Systems, we use only the highest quality parts in our Units and as such, provide some of the highest quality MAU’s available today. All Elite Air Systems’ Make-Up Air Units are CSA Approved for proper functioning and the highest safety standards.

Single Stage (Constant and Variable Volume) Units

Elite Air Systems’ Single Stage (Model SA-S) Make-Up Air Units provide a constant rate of supply air to the work area. These direct-fired heaters warm fresh outside-air upon intake and are up to 99% efficient. This is due to the fact that all heat generated by our units is put directly into the supply-air stream. Our units can come factory-set in either positive or negative pressure configurations and can be field adjusted to accommodate the full range of application duties that may be required.

Dual Stage – Hi/Low – Dual Temperature Make-Up Air Units

For applications that have dual speed and/or heat requirements, Elite Air Systems’ SA-D series Make-Up Air heaters are the CSA listed choice. These units combine the same efficiency (up to 99%) as our Single Stage models, however the Dual Stage unit allows the customer the option of switching between a high and low speed, each with a unique Temperature Setpoint. Our Dual Stage Make-Up Air units provide an economical alternative to Recirculating Heaters.

Recirculating Units

Elite Air Systems’ Recirculating Units (SA-DR Series) provide a much more energy efficient alternative to traditional Dual Stage units. This is due to the fact that a Recirculating System allows for a percentage (approximately 80%) of pre-heated filtered air to be drawn into it from the work area while only using a small portion (approximately 20%) of fresh outside air. This allows the unit to burn much less gas because the air coming across the burner is already pre-heated. Optional sensors can be installed to monitor heat, pressure, and other variables to provide a truly energy-efficient industrial heating unit.


Optional Control Upgrades
  • Digital differential pressure sensor with clogged filter warning lights in panel

  • Low and High-Gas Pressure Switches

  • Outside-air ambient temperature sensor with automatic burner control

  • Supply-air ducting kits

  • Burner/spray-booth interlock kit

  • Motor Soft Starters

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

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