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Over the last few years, Elite Air Systems has become the leading Canadian manufacturer of Turn-Key Finishing Systems, our COMPLETE FINISHING SYSTEM™ Line of Products.

By partnering with only the best companies, we are able to provide a full range of items to customize each COMPLETE FINISHING SYSTEM™.  

Typical Systems include:

  • Prep Area(s)

  • Spray Booth(s)

  • Flash-Off Tunnel(s)

  • Heated Drying Room

  • Automatic Conveyor System


Elite Air Systems COMPLETE FINISHING SYSTEM™ has allowed our Clients to increase their Production Rates by as much as 800%. Furthermore, using our COMPLETE FINISHING SYSTEM™ customers are now able to produce some of the best finishes available.  This leads to higher customer satisfaction rates, increased efficiency, and increased profitability.

Our COMPLETE FINISHING SYSTEM™ can be found in the following Industries:

  • High-End Wood Furniture Shops

  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

  • Gas Meter Manufacturing

  • Lighting Manufacturing

  • Powder Coating Shops


Are you interested in learning how to increase your company’s production rates and still get the best available finishes for your product? Contact Us now and find out how we can help you.

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