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Preparation Stations are used mainly in industrial environments for working on products/components prior to them going through the Paint Process.  They are commonly referred to as Sanding Booths, as most clients use these areas to sand components down to raw materials prior to applying a new topcoat finish.

They are a simple design that work by drawing fresh air in through a pressurization fan which is then forced down into the prep station through a filter bank positioned in the ceiling adjacent to the entry. The air is drawn through the Prep Station work area into a filtered exhaust assembly at the opposite end and exhausted out to the atmosphere through the exhaust fan and stack. This design allows for the easy addition of a heated Make-Up Air Unit.

Our high-quality components ensure that these workhorses last through even the harshest conditions.



  • Semi-Downdraft airflow

  • Overhead filtered plenum (single or dual)


  • G-90 Galvanized Sheet Steel Panels

  • Column supported or suspended from shop ceiling

  • Solid back or drive-through configuration

  • Heavy-duty, non-combustible curtain walls


  • Standard High-Efficiency T8 Fluorescent Light Fixtures – 120VAC | 2′ x 4′ | 4-Lamp

  • Upgrade to 6-Lamp T8 or LED Light Fixtures

  • Exhaust duct work

  • Control Panel (including lights and fan control)

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